Choose The Right Ad Format To Engage The Facebook Audience In A Creative Way

Facebook is the largest social media platform that keeps users engaged all the time. There is no denying the fact that if you want to reach out to a larger audience, the use of social media marketing cannot be overlooked. 97% of advertisers prefer Facebook when they are creating a campaign to run paid ads.

Although many business owners are leaving this marketing platform because of budget issues, before calling off your Facebook campaign, you should give it one last try with the tips and tricks we list down in this article.

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Types of ads that are created as a part of a Facebook advertising campaign

  1. Image ads:
  •         This is the simplest format and you can use any creative image post from your Facebook page and boost it to create an image ad.
  1. Video ads:
  •         You can use GIFs, animations, or filmed footage to create an engaging video ad.
  •         It is a very frequently utilized ad format by most big brands.
  •         Video ads appear in stories, in-stream ads, and in your news feed.
  1. Poll ads:
  •         It is an ad format specially created for those using the Facebook mobile app.
  •         You can add two option polls to this ad and see the tally to know the preference of the majority of your audience.
  1. Slideshow ads:
  •         If you do not have a filmed video or animation, you can still create a short video ad by combining images, texts, and short clips in this ad format.
  •         You can also add music to the ad.
  •         The benefit of a slideshow ad over a video ad is that it uses less data and hence is easier to load even when there is a connectivity issue in some areas.
  1. Carousel ads:
  •         It is the best ad format if you want to showcase your new product line at once.
  •         It allows the addition of 10 videos or images in 1 ad. You can also add call-to-action buttons with each image to lead the customers directly to the product sales page.

You can get more creative and use a story ad or augmented reality ads to allow people to interact with your brand in a transparent environment.

Best practices that you should follow while creating your Facebook ad campaign

  • Create a target audience:
  •         Facebook allows you to choose your audience based on specific interests, demographics, age, and location.
  •         You can also use the custom audience option to interact with an audience that has shown interest in your business previously by creating personalized remarketing ad campaigns to target their intents.
  • Picking the right ad format:
  •         You can choose to showcase your brand, its services, and products in any of the ad formats listed above.
  •         Let your goal direct you to the right ad format. A story ad will create brand awareness while a carousel ad showcases your products in a better way.
  • Use your ad creatives strategically:
  •         Make your Facebook ads entertaining.
  •         Use video content if you want to see an increase in the number of lead conversions.
  •         Use a strong call-to-action button to get more ad impressions.
  •         You can use the Facebook offers feature to promote any ongoing discount, coupons, or free events.
  • Keep a constant track of the performance of your Facebook ad campaign:
  •         While tracking the entire Facebook ad metric can get overwhelming, testing and tracking is the way to learn on your way to make a successful ad campaign.
  •         Set budget restrictions to ensure that you are not allowing the ads to wipe your entire budget at once.
  • Use both paid ads and organic activity simultaneously:
  •         Paid ads are necessary to bring in new customers.
  •         Organic activity is important for building relationships and retaining existing loyal customers.
  •         By creating a hybrid strategy, you can stay in the online market for years to come.

Find your direction with Facebook advertising and keep improvising from there. Do not quit this advertising platform because it has an undeniable large audience base and limitless potential if you hit the right track. Regularly track the performance of your ads and use your budget strategically to get maximum benefits from your ad campaigns.