Sex Toys That Are Hands-Free

Solo sex can be a wonderful thing. It is incredibly comforting to know that regardless of where we are located in the world, and no matter what our life circumstances are, we can always get out of trouble. We don’t have to any man, woman, or another person. We can still be self-sufficient even in solitude. We can increase our self-reliance by using hands-free sex toys.

Hands-free sex toys can be used in a variety of ways. Your sex toy-holding duties have been officially ended. You will let them roam wherever they want. You will be able to experiment with new angles and try out positions that were impossible for you. Or, will you relax and enjoy lazy indulgence, letting your hands do nothing?

It’s easy to forget how independent you are when you have a hands-free sex game. You can enjoy the pleasure of being with your partner without having to do all of the work. Solo sex is difficult to achieve this balance because there’s always some give-and-take. Hands-free sex toys are a step closer to this interplay. You will need to do some basic work to get the toy to work. Once you have completed the basics steps you can relax and let your toy do whatever you wish.

You can now enjoy the best hands-free sex toys without having to lift a finger.


Clitoral, and G-Spot Vibrator

The Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrator is in a classic, hands-free design. The thicker end is for penetration and the smaller one will lay flat over your clitoris. This combination provides dynamic stimulation that mixed orgasm dreams are made.


Wearable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

The Wearable Remote Control Panty Vibrator can be worn in the bedroom. You can simply slip it into your favorite underwear and use it as a remote control to turn it on or off. What’s even cooler? This toy is equally great for couples’ play and solo sex. Pass the remote to your partner and watch the magic happen.


Prostate Massager

Although marketed as a masculine toy, a prostate massager can be enjoyed by all men. This baby will cause a strong reaction. It has one motor at its base and two motors at its tip.

Butt Plug Training Set

Double as vibrators, butt plugs? This Butt Plug Training set is a good example. To turn the butt plug on or off, simply slide the bullet vibration into the socket. These toys are much easier than standard vibrating butt plugs, even if you don’t want to use your hands. You can simply click on or off without reaching for your hands!


Bullet Love Eggs Vibrators

Bullet Love Eggs Vibrators was never really intended for in-and-out use. Its design implies that it is meant to be used in a single place, which makes it ideal for hands-free play.


Vibrating Beads

Are you looking for an anal toy that will increase the intensity Vibrating Beads might be the answer? You can penetrate the precise width and depth with this hot pink toy’s array of anal beads. Once you have inserted the to your liking, you can have all the vibrating, hands-free fun you desire.


Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator

The waterproof rabbit vibrator will be a hit with fans of the suction-cup vibrator. This toy is both clitoral as well as penetrative and can be used with or without hands and. It’s waterproof. This may be the best of all sex toys.