Spring Cleaning Your Roller Shutters and Plantation Shutters

This is the time of the year when the air feels fresh and the days are warmer and the gardens come to life. While it’s easy for us to focus on cleaning our windows, floors, and walls, we forget to take care of the shutters and plantation shutters. It will keep them looking their best and ensure they last longer.

Smarter outdoors are the top choice for high-standard plantation shutters Perth. We are often asked what the best way to clean and maintain both rolling shutters and plantation shutters is. These are some easy cleaning tips you can try this spring.

Roller Shutters: Cleaning the External Surface

Roller shutters must be pulled completely down.

Mix warm water with dishwashing fluid to create a soapy solution.

Use a sponge or a damp cloth to clean the shutter.

Use a garden hose to rinse off the soapy liquid. High-pressure washers can cause damage to shutters.

Avoid putting water in the pelmet. It could cause damage to the motor’s electronics.

Use a clean cloth to dry your roller shutters. This will ensure that they are streak-free. You can use an up-and-down motion on the cloth to ensure that it is dry.

Roller shutters: How to clean the interior

Once you have cleaned the shutters’ external surfaces and let them dry, roll the shutters up halfway. This will allow you to clean the inside surface. It is possible to have roller shutters that are not as large or small as you would like, but this should be done in order for them to last the longest.

After the shutters are half down, you can reach in from the inside using a long-handled fabric to remove spider webs, dirt, and dust. Follow this with a sponge attached with a stick of warm soapy. This can be done outside.

You can then roll down the shutters and finish your cleaning from inside. This allows you to get rid of most of the dirt from outside your home.

You should use the same cleaning methods as outside. Start by cleaning from the top, work your way down and finish with a dry cloth.

Shutters for Plantation

Begin by using a vacuum attachment with a soft bristle. This will remove dust and debris, making it easier to move on to the next step.

You can wipe each sat down with a dry, clean cloth. This will remove any particles that the vacuum missed. Pay attention to any dusty areas or spaces between the shutters.

Next, dry your plantation shutters by wiping them with a damp towel. Use mild cleaning chemicals to clean your shutters, but don’t over-saturate them with water, especially if the shutters are made of timber. Water can cause timber to bend and warp.

Finally, dry your plantation shutters by wiping them with a clean, dry cloth. This is crucial to prevent any water damage or spots. It is a pleasant spring day so leave the shutters unclosed.

Spring is the best season to clean and maintain roller shutters and plantation shutters. These tips will make cleaning your shutters a breeze and allow you to enjoy them for many decades.

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