How to choose the best pattern & texture for your carpet?

Carpets have been a focal point for your home since they were first introduced. They are becoming more and more popular every day due to their uniqueness, creativity, and versatility. Homemakers and designers are creating new patterns and textures with carpets. If you’re designing your home’s interiors, you want the flooring to stand out from the rest. Carpets are the best option to realize your design dreams. You can design your home with textured carpets and make it look sophisticated as well as modern by using them.

It is all about how it feels when you touch the product. Everything in your room from wall painting and carpets to furniture has a different texture. These textures can be combined to create a textural difference. Area rugs are made with an amazing variety of textures. It makes the living area more inviting and fun. You may be asking yourself how these incredible textured carpets are possible. Craftsmen take extra care to pile these yarns, and then knot them in different levels to achieve the desired textural effect. The final layer of texture can be created by looping and slicing the yarns. Here are some brief ways to create textured flooring.

Combination style– In this type of carpet construction, the piles can be cut both in part and in whole. This creates a natural pattern look. This old method of textured carpet construction is very durable.

The loop style– Is where the loops are the same height, and the knots are done in such an informal way that the carpet looks casual. These carpets are durable. Multi-level loops allow for different loop heights to be added at the carpet backing, creating a unique dimension. This multi-level loop gives a unique texture to the entire surface.

The plush style– Is an excellent method for carpet making that has been in use since the ages. It works best when made from velvet fabric. They are usually premium rugs that have been made using high quality fabrics. The piles can be piled in a smooth-level surface and are then deep-cut. This gives the texture and pattern look.

Saxony styling– This method looks very similar and has been in usage since ancient times. The only difference with this method is that it twists the yarn more than the traditional plush style, which makes the yarns stand out more at the end. They are not as extravagant looking as plush and give them a more formal look.

Frieze design– In this way, the yarns can be twisted very tightly to form the pile. They form a layer which gives the surface a wonderful texture because they are too twisted.

While the color of a rug is crucial, it is not the only important one. The pattern is equally important. Rug patterns can be used to decorate your home and offer endless possibilities. A custom rugs with logo pattern can be used to change the space’s dimensions, define an area of the interior or reinforce a specific feature. If you are looking for patterned rugs, the first thing you should do is choose the theme you want in the room. Then, plan your surface according to that theme. There are many types of carpets to choose from: floral, stripes, abstracts, geometrical, modern, and others that enhance the beauty of your space in a different manner. Some may be instant decorative highlights, while others can bring balance and interest over time.